Transportation and Tours

Rent a motorbike

Kuta is a mobile place, you may rent a bike which costs about IDR 50.000,-/day.

'Ojek', the motorbike with rider you can use for local transport in and around Kuta. Do not forget to agree about the prices before you mount the bike - like it usual all around the world.

Public Transport from and to Kuta

from Mataram: at Mandalika Terminal get the Bemo to Praya for IDR 10.000,- and then to Sengkol for IDR 5.000,- and then to Kuta for IDR 7.000,-. The public transport or Bemo sounds easy but may take you 4 or 5 hours before you get to Kuta.

Transport from /to with driver in an air-conditioned van

Kuta - Matram/Airport IDR 260.000,-
Kuta - Senggigi IDR 300.000,-
Kuta - Bangsal Harbour IDR 370.000,-
Kuta - Lembar Harbour IDR 260.000,-
Kuta - Lombok Harbour IDR 400.000,-
Kuta - Mataram Town Half Day Tour IDR 400.000,-


Southlombok Traditional Tour: Sasak Village, Sukarare weaving, Traditional market, Penujak Pottery, Tempe and Tofu village - IDR 450.000,- (daytrip)

Island Tour: Driving the island to see north part of Lombok, get near Rinjani volcano, and enjoy a great view such as ricefields and tobacco plants - IDR 950.000,- (Approx 10 hours)

Beach Tour: Mawun and Tanjung A'an - IDR 300.000,-

Fish Market and Tete Batu Tour: As the sun rises get ready for the largest local fish market, Beleke Village for a cane/rattan handcraft, Loyok village for bamboo craft then to waterfall - IDR 770.000,-

Gili Nanggu: Day Trip - we visit Batik Painting in Rambitan, Pottery Village Penunjak, Hand Weaving in Sukarare, go by fisher-boat to the island Gili Nanggu (and back; price does not include snorkeling equiment) from Tawun Harbour - IDR 1.000.000,- (4 pers. max.)

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All those rates written for the hotel, room, bike and transport are organized by KimenSurf, Lombok.
For reservation please get back to:, phone/fax: +62370655064