Selamat Datang - Welcome to Kuta-Lombok, Indonesia!

To the east of the island of Bali, Indonesia, the island Lombok is situated. On Lombok's south coast the small fishing village Kuta-Lombok is located. Completely different to the 'big sister' Kuta in Bali, Kuta-Lombok appears as a small original village. The name Lombok means chilli. And chilli can be found all around on bushes, on the market place and in the warungs, the small local cookshops, which are really worth to attend. Sasak people, the original inhabitants and their villages you can visit in Rambitan Village and Sade Village, were their traditional houses and storehouses for rice can be found.

Starting from Kuta-Lombok trips to the pottery village Penunjak and to the weaving village Sukarare can be done. During raining season between November and March Lombok appears quite green with it's many ricefields. Around the volcano Rinjani you can find green rice fields and tobacco plants all the year round. There are several waterfalls in the area of Rinjani which are worth to visit.

Kuta-Lombok is the perfect starting point for trips to several white sandy, lonely and gorgeous beaches. And Kuta-Lombok is a popular destination for surfers from all over the world.